Across the field I spy
a tall and handsome man.
In tall grasses does he lie.
Knows he where I am?

His gaze turned toward the heavens,
What thoughts do weave their way?
Does he see such visions,
of things to come one day?

Eyes turn to where I stand.
A smile turns his lips.
This makes me feel so grand!
Tis the way of such courtships...

I move to lay beside him,
and see the heavens too.
My vision seems too dim
to see what he must do...

So eyes closed, I feel the beating
of my only heart.
These moments be so fleeting,
would never be apart...

A gentle warmth engulfs me
as warm lips meet my own.
I need no eyes to see -
For from his heart tis shone.

Timeless be such bonding.
Eternal this love is.
Ever it's abiding,
Always am I his...