Whispering Soul Poetry - This Place
This Place
I dreamed you came to visit me.
To see me in this place.
You set my heart a-racing -
To look upon your face!

Eyes locked in heart felt passion.
No words were spoken now...
We knew in our own fashion -
We belonged right here, somehow...

Tears fell, warm and salty,
from joy - so overwhelmed!
To be loved so completely!
All our dreams beheld!

I placed my hands upon your face -
Tracing every line...
I knew at least while in this place,
that you were always mine...

I reached my arms around you.
And your arms pulled me close.
I whispered words you always knew.
You know why they were chose...

And as we turned to kiss
I saw a tear fall down.
For this was truly bliss
From heaven we had found.
Whispering Soul Poetry