Smiles make the world go 'round.
They cheer us every day.
Makes me feel just like a clown.
I hope I stay this way!

Laughter shakes us up inside,
And gladens all our souls!
Show those teeth, they canna hide!
('less yer growin' old?)

Make a silly comment!
Grab a pun or two!
Make like you've got an accent!
Or like your lips are glued!

Skip across that parking lot.
Who cares if someone sees?
No one will be too distraught
by such absurdities!

Be goofy, crazy, act like a nut!
Just do something wild!
Can't do it? Just go ahead and punt!
Come on! Act like a child!

To lose fun in your life,
would be tragic indeed!
So toss out all that strife -
and let your child be freed!

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